# Fixing Hard Drive Error Icons in Dell OMSA

Difficulty: Easy / Basic

For those of us who are using non-Dell hard drives you may notice an error or warning icon in OMSA. They will also show up as uncertified which can be a bit annoying. Thankfully this is relatively easy to fix. If you've installed Dell OMSA to a Linux system you may follow these steps:

  1. First stop all of the Dell services by running srvadmin-services.sh stop.
  2. Go into the /opt/dell/srvadmin/etc/srvadmin-storage/ directory.
  3. Open the stsvc.ini file and locate the following text:
;nonDellCertified flag for blocking all non-dell certified alerts.

Change this text to:

;nonDellCertified flag for blocking all non-dell certified alerts.
  1. Save and exit the file.
  2. Start up the Dell services again using srvadmin-services.sh start.