Difficulty Tiers

How hard is stuff?

Stuff can be hard. Stuff can also be easy. Some things here are hard. Some things are easy. Let’s define some difficulty tiers.

Easy / Basic

No worries here, folks! Everything should be done with a GUI with maybe some stuff needing a command or two, or maybe just editing some text files. Instructions should come in picture form.

Operating systems in this tier are Ubuntu Linux, Windows, or OS X.

Normal / Intermediate

Still not hard, but you’re expected to know how not to break things in a terminal or text-based interface. GUI is optional, but used on occasion.

Operating systems in this tier are Debian Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Rocky Linux.

Hard / Advanced

You are at home with a terminal and all things can be accomplished with it. You know how not to break a system with a terminal, but also how to fix serious system-level issues.

Operating systems in this tier are Arch, *BSD, Slackware Linux, Gentoo Linux.

Guru / Expert

You compile your software from source and surf the web with Lynx. If you don’t know what that means you are a poser.

You run Suicide Linux because anything less is for little babies.