Getting Started

This guide will show you how to setup a local environment for you to edit, create, or update content!

Please note, if you wish to make a simple edit, you can always submit a quick pull request by utilizing the edit button on the file in question directly on the GitHub repo online.

Installing Hugo

Since we are using Hugo, getting your local site up and running is fairly simple.

OS independent

Since Hugo is cross-platform, and OS choice is far from uniform in this community, I won’t go into how to get Hugo functioning on your OS of choice. Follow the Getting Started. It’s not difficult.

Once you can successfully get a version number from the command hugo version, you’re ready to continue here.

Fork and clone operations

First thing you’ll want to do is to Fork the GitHub Repository for the /r/selfhosted wiki. You’ll work within a repo that syncs with your own accounts' fork of the repository.

Since we use a theme that has its own GitHub Repository, there is an extra flag we must add to our git clone command.

  1. First, clone the forked repo into your local machine. The “recurse-submodules” flag should allow you to automatically pull in the git repo for the theme, as well.

    git clone --recurse-submodules{YOUR_USER_NAME}/wiki.git – Be sure to modify this url to match your actual username and git repository name.

  2. Move to the directory that has just been cloned and make sure the themes/hugo-theme-learn/ folder has content.

    cd wiki && ls themes/hugo-theme-learn

  3. Once confirmed, copy the example config.toml file. Unless you’re doing some abstract hosting environment for your local development machine, this should work as-is.

    cp config.toml.example config.toml

  4. Run the server locally with the Hugo’s server command

    hugo serve

You should see some output about the success/launch of the local server, similar to below:

$ hugo serve
  Start building sites …

                     | EN  
    Pages            | 22  
    Paginator pages  |  0  
    Non-page files   |  0  
    Static files     | 75  
    Processed images |  0  
    Aliases          |  0  
    Sitemaps         |  1  
    Cleaned          |  0  

  Built in 84 ms
  Watching for changes in /home/kmisterk/wiki/{archetypes,content,data,layouts,static,themes}
  Watching for config changes in /home/kmisterk/wiki/config.toml
  Environment: "development"
  Serving pages from memory
  Running in Fast Render Mode. For full rebuilds on change: hugo server --disableFastRender
  Web Server is available at http://localhost:1313/ (bind address
  Press Ctrl+C to stop

Navigate your browser to http://localhost:1313 and you should see the site live on your local machine.

You’re now ready to start adding and/or editing content.